The topic of mouth-nose protection raises many questions in the time of the Corona pandemic.
Here we are happy to answer all the important questions.

What is the minimum order quantity for the mouth-nose protection?

The minimum order quantity for the protective masks type II and type IIR is 1 packaging unit with 50 pieces each.
The FFP2 respirators are available in three packaging units. They are packed either individually, in fives or in sixes in zip bags.

In which colours are the disposable masks available?

The mouth-nose protection type II is available in blue and white and the mouth-nose protection type IIR in blue. The FFP2 respirator is only available in white.

What shipping options are available for the protective masks?

Small order quantities are shipped by GLS or DPD. If pallets or truck quantities are purchased, shipping via a freight forwarder can be arranged individually.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery of the mouth-nose masks?

Small quantities are available immediately. The delivery time for large quantities depends on various factors. Please let us talk personally about your planned order.

Who is behind the production of the high-quality protective masks?

DIEMELA MED GmbH is a sister company of Bönning + Sommer Produktion und Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, which has over 35 years of experience in the textile industry. These many years of experience benefit the mask production. We guarantee a high quality standard as well as excellent workmanship.

Can I get the mouth-nose protection from you as a registered medical device?

Yes, our mouth-nose protection type II and type IIR is a registered medical device. The masks are produced in Germany and are approved as surgical masks.

What do you have to keep in mind when wearing the face mask?

hände blau

Clean and disinfect hands before putting on the mask. If possible, touch the mask only at the sides or at the ear loops.

kopf2 blau

Put the mask on so that the nose clip fits snugly on the bridge of the nose and the folds point downwards. The mouth and nose must be covered and well sealed all around. Replace wet mask.

mülleimer blau

After 2 hours at the latest, dispose of the mask in a sealed container. Only touch the sides or the straps, then clean and disinfect your hands.